Travel agent
Travel agent
Athen, Greece 🇬🇷
Hotel for a month
12 months (renewable)
Swedish + English B2
1200€ - 1400€ (Greece minimum wage 758€)
From 100€ to 200€
Help to find an apartment
Airport pickup provided
Administrative support
Free health insurance


The Airline Travel Agent provides flight booking services, handling both individual and group reservations. They are responsible for suggesting optimal travel itineraries, ticketing, and providing superior customer service. They must stay updated with flight schedules, airline policies, and fare structures. The ideal candidate should have excellent communication skills, an eye for detail, and the ability to handle unforeseen situations promptly.

your future tasks

➡️Handle individual and group flight bookings.
➡️Suggest the best travel options
➡️Provide superior service to customers
➡️answer queries and solve problems.
➡️Stay updated on the latest airline policies
➡️Ensure accurate ticketing processes.
➡️Handle unforeseen situations like flight delays


✅ Fluent in Swedish
✅ European nationality
✅ English B2
✅ Interest in Tourism
✅ Valid diploma
✅ Clean criminal record

Do you still have questions?

What is Expat-U?

Expat-U is a recruitment agency dedicated to French speakers. We are based in Lisbon and we offer positions in the most attractive cities in Europe: Portugal, Greece, Spain, Malta, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and many more to come.

Expat-U is also a team of travel enthusiasts, all expatriates in Europe.

Just like you, future expatriates, we have been looking for a job abroad without knowing how to prepare our expatriation: https://expat-u.com/fr/comment-preparer-son-expatriation/ .

In 2022 we have accompanied more than 400 candidates through 6 different countries around the European world.

What types of activities do you offer?

The job offers abroad that we propose cover various trades.


  • Tourism
  • Fashion
  • Digital Marketing
  • Gaming
  • E-commerce
  • Streaming
  • Social networks


The choice of the field of activity and the position is made during the motivation interview with the recruiter of the partner company according to your profile and your expectations.

Your preferences and/or interests are also taken into account in order to match as much as possible

How do I start the recruitment process?

You can search for job offers in the section Our offers and apply for positions that match your profile and your expatriation project.

Our Expat-U recruiters will contact you if your profile matches a job opening in one of our partner companies. The recruitment process continues with the analysis of your CV.

I have never used a recruitment agency, how does it work?

With Expat-U you are not just a resume. As expatriates, we are aware of the lack of information about expatriation and job opportunities abroad and being able to live in Europe.

That is why we take into account your career and your project in order to accompany you as soon as you are ready to leave.

We work with a selection of companies in Europe that we choose to offer a variety of job offers abroad: permanent, fixed-term office and telecommuting under certain conditions.

Other offers

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