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Who are we ?

Expat-U is an agency specializing in multilingual recruitment in Europe.
Our partners are leaders in outsourced omnichannel customer experience management in Europe.
We offer positions as customer advisors and sales representatives, in digital, tourism, fashion, gaming and e-commerce.
We provide personalized follow-up to all our candidates, before, during and after the recruitment process.

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Our expertise allows us to find personalized solutions for our candidates and our partners.


Our team has experience, we are specialized in international multilingual recruitment.

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We provide personalized follow-up, according to the expectations of the candidate, before, during and after their expatriation.


We take care in choosing our partners and offer trustworthy positions.

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What is Expat-U?

Expat-U is a recruitment agency dedicated to French speakers.
We are based in Lisbon and we offer positions in the most attractive cities in Europe: Portugal, Greece, Spain, Malta, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and many more to come.
Expat-U is also a team of travel enthusiasts, all expatriates in Europe. Just like you, future expatriates, we have looked for a job abroad without knowing how to prepare for expatriation (add the link of this article here to redirect) .
In 2022 we supported more than 400 candidates across 6 different countries around the European world.

I have never used a recruitment agency? How does it work?

With Expat-U you are not just a CV. As expatriates, we are aware of the lack of information on expatriation and employment positions abroad and being able to live in Europe.
This is why we take into account your career and your project in order to accompany you as soon as you are ready to leave.
We work with a selection of companies in Europe that we choose to offer a variety of job offers abroad: CDI, CDD in the office and telecommuting under certain conditions.

I live in one of the countries you offer? Can I use your services?

The Expat-U agency accompanies any French-speaker, wherever you are. It doesn't matter where you start from.
If you already live in one of the following European countries: Portugal, Greece, Spain, Malta, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, you can also contact us.

Is this service chargeable?

No, there is no charge for the candidate service. Consult our job offers or upload your CV.

I am looking for telecommuting? Do you have any remote job openings?

Yes, we have job offers for French speakers looking for telework, also called “remote”.
Our partners are looking for qualified candidates remotely, click here to access these offers or book a slot to apply and speak to an Expat-U recruiter.

Can I submit a spontaneous application?

Our job offers are updated according to the needs of our partner companies with vacancies in Europe, and we are always looking for qualified profiles whether on permanent or fixed-term contracts.
You can submit your CV here for the job offer that interests you and sign up for job alerts to stay informed of new positions for French-speaking expats in Europe.

I would like to have an overview of the professional experience abroad?

If you are already an expatriate in one of the European countries in which we offer job offers for French speakers, we will be delighted to hear from you and above all you will contribute to the
project of future expatriates who ask questions of all types. Share your expatriate experience abroad.
If you are not yet an expatriate, the professional experience you are going to have abroad has positive points, some a little less positive, depending on your own experience.
In general, professional experience abroad will be an opportunity for you to discover behind the scenes.
You will have to live according to the codes of a different culture depending on the country.

How can I manage the administrative part in a foreign country?

When you are expatriates in a European country and you are also, the administrative procedures are not complex.
As soon as you arrive, our partner companies are responsible for guaranteeing your tax situation on the territory, the subscription of the company health mutual. You are also guided to open a bank account if necessary.
This information is transmitted during your interviews and the partner companies ensure that your documents are complete in order to proceed with the procedures.
If necessary, you will be able to contact a dedicated service in your company which will assist you when you have questions.
We hope with our partner companies that your integration takes place in the best conditions in order to facilitate your project.
The common point that you will share with your future colleagues in the professional world will be the search for an experience abroad to boost your career, change your environment, your lifestyle or even improve your skills. The average age of expatriates is 25 years old and you will be immersed in an environment of more than thirty different languages.
The less positive points will be specific to each one, which is why we wish to be realistic in our approach to advice. We recommend that you live your own experience and make the most of it.

How can I start the recruitment process?

You can search for job offers in the Our offers section and apply for positions that match your profile and your expatriation project.
Our Expat-U recruiters will contact you if your profile corresponds to a position to be filled by one of our partner companies.
The recruitment process continues with the analysis of your CV.

I sent my resume, now what?

After analyzing your CV, our Expat-U recruiters will contact you on the day of the reserved appointment for a presentation call, if your profile corresponds to a position to be filled and to the prerequisites.
New offers are coming to our site, check our offers again to apply for those that match your qualifications and interests.

What are the prerequisites for applying?

The following prerequisites are necessary to be able to continue the recruitment process with Expat-U.
We want to guarantee the best conditions to candidates but also to our partner companies. This is why we appreciate when candidates do a self-check of these prerequisites before applying to us for an offer requiring them.
● Be a native French speaker
● Have a European nationality or work permit in the host country ● Be of legal age
● Have a valid diploma
● Have an intermediate level in English*
● Have a valid identity card
● Have a clean criminal record
*An English test takes place during the presentation call.

The job offers are intended for French speakers, why is it necessary to have an intermediate level in English?

Among the prerequisites stated for job offers in Europe is intermediate English due to the international environment.
In other words, the language you will use in the context of your missions is French and the one you will use for internal exchanges as well as for training is English.
As a recruitment expert, we recommend that you reflect your real level of English on your CV.
Your level of English will be assessed during oral interviews and online skills tests.
If you do not have the required level of English, your application will be rejected. If this is your case, read our advice to quickly improve your level in English.
Many expatriates who did not initially have the required level of English were retained by improving their level a few weeks after contacting us for a job offer abroad.
Expat-U wishes you the success of your expatriation project. Don't forget that Expat-U is itself a team of expatriates. Take our tips as your personal guide.

I am not European what should I do?

To sign a work contract in a European country, you need either a European nationality or a work permit from the country in question, issued by the local authorities.
If you are not European, we recommend that you contact the Embassy, ​​the Consulate, or the foreigners service to obtain one of these documents mentioned above.
For obvious reasons, none of our partners undertakes to take these steps for you, nor to provide an employment contract or promise of employment.
We wish you all the same our best wishes in your research and/or steps.

I sent my CV but no one contacted me?

Several reasons can explain this situation. It is possible that the position for which you have applied does not correspond to your profile and/or to the prerequisites mentioned above.
We recommend that you keep your CV up to date and continue your research on our site to find the job offer that matches your skills, qualifications and interests.

How does a presentation call work?

At Expat-u the call for presentation is dedicated to you. We discuss your project but also your expectations and your professional interests in order to answer your questions and guide you.
We will present you with one or more offers as well as the partner company.
You will get professional recruitment support to ensure you are the talent our clients are looking for.

What happens after the presentation call?

After the admission of your application with the Expat-U recruiter during the call for presentation, you will be required to perform skills assessment tests for:
● assess your level of French and English
● Assess your email writing skills
We will contact you to give you feedback on the results obtained. If these are positive, we will inform you of the date of the motivational interview with the partner company.
We support you in preparing for this motivational interview. This can take place either by telephone or videoconference.

I did not receive the email for the online assessment tests, what should I do?

We recommend that you check your junk mail: spam. If you cannot find the email contact your Expat-U recruiter as soon as possible at the following email address:

I had an interview but no one contacted me?

Any candidate who has passed an interview will be contacted by Expat-U to inform you of the follow-up.
In the event that the partner company does not contact you, we invite you to notify us at the following e-mail address:
We want to ensure your hiring under the best possible conditions and deadlines to help you prepare for your project.

What happens after my application has been selected?

As soon as you are selected, your Expat-U recruiter will send you the job offer via e-mail
This includes additional information as well as the list of documents to finalize your hiring and prepare for your arrival.
You will be in contact with the recruiter of the partner company if necessary.

What should I know for job offers that include housing?

For job offers including accommodation, this is valid for the entire duration of your employment contract.
Consult the job offers with the housing option: Click here
Housing is shared accommodation in apartments that you share only with employees of the same company.
You will have a private and individual room.
The apartments are rented by the company from individuals and are furnished with the necessary equipment.
The payment of the rent is made directly by the company including the various charges.
Special requests :
Women can submit a request when recruiting with Expat-U to be accommodated only in a women's apartment.
The company intervenes at your request for any repairs and/or replacement of equipment. Any request will be sent to a dedicated department in your company.

What about job offers with partial housing?

In Greece and Bulgaria, partner companies guarantee your accommodation on average for between two weeks and one month: in a hotel or Airbnb.
The partner company can support you by putting you in touch with real estate agencies.
Note that tours will be self-guided.

What types of business areas do you offer?

The job offers abroad that we offer cover different trades.
● job offers abroad in the field of tourism
● job offers abroad in the field of fashion
● job offers abroad in the field of digital marketing
● job offers abroad in the field of gaming
● job offers abroad in the field of E-commerce
● job offers abroad in the field of streaming
● job offers abroad in the field of social networks
The choice of the field of activity and the position is made during the motivation interview with the recruiter of the partner company according to your profile and your expectations.
Your preferences and/or interests are also taken into account in order to match as much as possible.

What positions are offered for job offers abroad?

Our partner companies have several types of positions through job offers in Europe for French speakers.
Here is a non-exhaustive list:
● Marketing specialist
● Commercial
● Content moderator
● Travel agent
● Customer advisor
Note that for each position several levels exist according to experience and your professional skills.
The possibilities of evolution are also to be taken into account during your experience.

What training will I receive during my first months with the company?

You will be required to follow one or more training courses during the first months within the partner company to prepare you for all the dimensions of your future position.
Training is an integral part of the integration and talent management process in order to build a professional environment for all departments.
You will also have internal training throughout the duration of your contract which will aim to promote your skills development through the deployment of these training courses.
Partner companies are aware of the need to support you on a professional level and to do so promote the implementation of educational training.

I don't have experience in the areas you offer, what can I do?

The particularity of Expat-U is that of promoting employment abroad for French speakers.
It is for this reason that some of our job offers are open to people without experience.
One of the reasons why Expat-U founded was to be an actor in professional integration abroad for French speakers.
We are aware of the closure of the labor market for certain areas of activity, but we have been able to prove to companies that students without experience or even senior profiles in retraining are talents to be considered.

Are there possibilities for development?

Partner companies favor internal promotions in order to offer opportunities to all.
Evolution is possible after a few months, growth is organic and your career evolves according to your merit and your performance. The determination of this duration will depend on your profile and your various professional and interpersonal skills, but also on the needs of the company.

I am looking for an internship abroad, do you offer such offers?

Our partner companies only offer full-time job offers for a minimum of 6 months.
On the other hand, our Expat-U agency can offer you an internship if you are looking to carry out a 6-month experience abroad to validate your diploma. Contact us here