Budget in Greece: A Guide for Expats

Considering a move to Greece? Transitioning to life in this beautiful country requires a keen understanding of the budget needed to maintain a European lifestyle, especially in its bustling cities. This guide offers a practical overview of the average monthly expenses you can expect, providing a solid foundation for planning your move to Greece.

  • Estimated Monthly Living Costs For individuals opting to live in the heart of a Greek city, the monthly cost of living is approximately €1,120. For a family of four, this cost rises to €3,134. These figures give a broad perspective on the financial planning required for city living in Greece.
  • Understanding the Cost of Living It’s crucial to acknowledge that while Greece offers a rich cultural experience and scenic beauty, the country’s average wages may pose a challenge in terms of purchasing power. Here’s a breakdown of typical expenses to help you navigate your budget:
  1. Dining Out:
    • A meal at a budget-friendly restaurant is priced around €12.
    • Opting for a McDonald’s meal will cost you about €7.00.
  2. Grocery Shopping:
    • A 1.5-liter bottle of water is approximately €0.78.
    • A liter of milk has an average price of €1.39.
  3. Transportation:
    • A one-way ticket on local transport costs €1.20.
    • A monthly public transportation pass is priced at €30.
  4. Entertainment:
    • Catching a movie at the cinema will set you back €8.00.
  5. Income Insight:
    • The average monthly net salary (after taxes) in Greece is €812.

These indicative prices are derived from major cities in Greece, suggesting that living in smaller towns or rural areas may significantly reduce these costs.

Greece’s allure extends beyond its affordability to encompass a lifestyle rich in history, cuisine, and natural beauty. Whether your move is motivated by career opportunities or the desire for a lifestyle change, Greece presents a viable and enriching option for expats. With thoughtful budgeting and an appreciation for the country’s vibrant culture, your transition to living in Greece can be both financially feasible and immensely rewarding.

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